Music can move us profoundly and I feel that in chamber music, this magic is the strongest. After a recent Vetta concert, subscriber Donna Hossack, said: “the whole experience transported me to other worlds, just as music is meant to do.” This is exactly the experience we musicians hope to share and it makes me feel joyful to know that we are fulfilling our Vetta mission.

Spreading the Vetta experience beyond West Point Grey United Church, we introduced a 3 concert series on Salt Spring Island last season which proved immensely popular. This season, we will present the full program on Thursday afternoons. Additionally, we are proud to introduce a new three concert series at the aesthetically and acoustically beautiful Pyatt Hall downtown!

Our opening program features Arthur Rowe, Eugene Osadchy, Yariv Aloni and me in what is sure to be a memorable performance. In November we present string quintets and sextets with Vetta audience favourites Nicolò Eugelmi, Tawnya Popoff, Joseph Elworthy, Rebecca Wenham and David Gillham. Next, the Vetta String Quartet, including Eugene Osadchy, Maria Larionoff and David Harding returns to perform Shostakovich, Borodin and Haydn. In March, Sea and Sky Trio will celebrate the release of our new cd, performing some of our favourites from the album. For our finale, Jane Coop returns, along with a fantastic cellist new to Vetta audiences, John Friesen, to perform another great Beethoven Trio – the Archduke. Enjoy!

Yours in music,
Joan Blackman