There is such a wealth of great chamber music and I feel so privileged to have the opportunity to select new repertoire every season that I believe will touch and transform us. I admit the classical and romantic repertoire has a big pull for me and I remain unapologetic for programming the old greats. On the other hand, there is so much interesting music to explore! I often hear audience members telling me they were surprised how much they liked an unfamiliar piece. I also feel a sense of responsibility to give context to whatever we perform, and to make sure we the performers connect with you the audience in a meaningful way, because chamber music should be about exploring and sharing the music together.

Our opening program is an all Beethoven concert featuring Jane Coop, piano, Ariel Barnes, cello and myself. In November we will present an unabashedly romantic concert with the music of Dvorák and Dohnyani. Next, Eugene Osadchy and Arthur Rowe return for a meaty program which includes the seldom played 1st Shostakovich Trio as well as the exquisite Brahms Opus 8. Come spring, in association with International Women’s Day, we will celebrate music written by or for women. For our finale, we welcome guitarist Daniel Bolshoy who will join the Vetta Chamber Players for an evening of Spanish and Italian music. Enjoy!